Mike’s Accomplishments

Despite fierce opposition from special interests, Mike Dunleavy has been able to accomplish great things for Alaska:

  • Closed the Fiscal Gap – Governor Dunleavy was elected to control the growth of government and reign in out-of-control state spending. Governor Dunleavy delivered approximately $664 million in real reductions to state spending.
  • Open Alaska for Business – Governor Dunleavy and his administration have identified over 100 regulations that should be repealed to allow greater freedom and flexibility for Alaska businesses. Alaska’s GDP grew by 3.3% in the first quarter of 2019 and personal incomes grew by 4.1%.
  • Increase Access to our Land and Resources – Governor Dunleavy has worked with the federal government to give Alaskans access to over one million acres of previously locked-up federal land. Governor Dunleavy has worked to bring new investment and high-paying jobs to Alaska.

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