Mike Dunleavy with legislators

Mike Dunleavy with legislatorsAlaska Governor Mike Dunleavy was elected in 2018 by a wide margin. He pledged to fight special interests, reduce spending, and fix the state’s $1.7 billion budget deficit without first raising taxes on hard-working Alaskans.

In his first eight months as Governor, Mike Dunleavy battled with big-spending politicians in the legislature and he reduced Alaska’s budget by over $650 million. This is a big first step in balancing Alaska’s budget, and is the largest budget reduction in the history of Alaska.

As you can imagine, the Special Interests are now howling mad at Mike Dunleavy. They are protesting in the streets, at the Alaska capital, and in other public spaces. And they have started a petition to recall Mike Dunleavy from office, all because he had the audacity to cut Alaska’s bloated budget!

Mike Dunleavy needs your help! Would you please consider making a donation to help Mike fight back against these special interests?

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy

Alaska Governor Mike DunleavyFor decades, Alaska has struggled with high crime, low school test scores, economic uncertainty, and a severely bloated government. Last year, Alaskans overwhelming elected a new Governor who vowed to tackle these problems and he is doing exactly what he campaigned on. Please help us by donating today!


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